To have your work considered for authentication, we must first review a picture. If we accept the work for inspection, we will ask that the work be sent to us, out of the frame, or be delivered in person by appointment. You are responsible for shipping both ways and our fee of $395 per work. If your work is deemed to be correct you will receive a report of authenticity based on our in-person inspection and findings.
We do not issue reports of authenticity based on photographs. In fact we find this to be a dubious practice and advise prospective clients not to pay for a report of authenticity unless it is based on an in person inspection.
If we inspect your work and find it not to be authentic, unless you request us to write a report stating so, we will waive the fee of $395. However you will still be responsible for the return shipping.
Your work will be authenticated by Joseph Nuzzolo, President of The Salvador Dali Society and author of Salvador Dali Prints: The Catalogue Raisonné.






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