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Salvador Dali Prints: The Catalogue Raisonné

By Joe Nuzzolo, Peter B. Lucas and Lawrence Saphire (with a cumulative experience of over 125 years in the Dali print market)
13” x 13” Two Volumes in a Slip Case
Nearly 2000 high resolution illustrations
Over 600 pages
The first 1000 copies will be hand signed by all three authors.

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RaisonneSlipCase1Dear Art Collector:


In 1995, Joseph Nuzzolo, began to catalogue all of the works by Salvador Dali in the print medium. This was no easy task as Dali had created over 1800 different prints with a variety of publishers all over the world. By the early 2000’s Mr. Nuzzolo had developed an Archive of every Dali print ever created. In addition his investigation was based primarily on having owned and personally examined nearly every print by Salvador Dali.

The ultimate objective was to create a comprehensive Catalogue Raisonne’ for Salvador Dali collectors. This would allow the individual collector the ability to navigate the market. It would also strike a massive blow to those who were selling Dali fakes. From his work advising law enforcement on matters regarding Salvador Dali prints, Mr. Nuzzolo had seen first hand the proliferation of incorrect works attributed to the great Spanish Surrealist.

Mr. Nuzzolo catalogued the various editions of each work, their distinguishing marks, the paper, the numbering, the medium and whether or not they had been hand signed by Salvador Dali. This task took he and his staff well into 2003, where he engaged Mr. Peter Lucas, a well respected publisher of Dali works and a designated Salvador Dali specialist for the esteemed Appraiser’s Association of America. Mr. Lucas first became involved in the works of Salvador Dali as a teenager when his family began to publish Dali prints.

In 2010 Mr. Nuzzolo, engaged the help of Lawrence Saphire. An expert on early Salvador Dali work and a founding member of the Appraiser’s Association of America. Together these three authors have over 125 years of experience in the Dali market.

In addition Mr. Nuzzolo engaged various experts in particular fields of Dali works, like the renowned collector of Dali portfolios, the late Carl Britton, who gave access to his entire collection and all of his notes. Dozens of such specialists were engaged in order to bring collectors the most comprehensive compendium of Salvador Dali prints.

Kathy Dittrick, a renowned graphic designer for the Fashion industry, was engaged to make the book visually stunning. All of this work has now been completed and the Two Volume reference is ready for production.


We expect to have them in our hands soon. The first printing will be only 1000 copies and each will be signed by all three authors. This is destined to be a collector’s items.

A set of the original Marc Chagall Catalog Raisonne’s can sell for over $10,000. The Picasso books can cost $5,000. The Catalogue Raisonne’ of Salvador Dali prints has an opening price of only $395, its eventual price will remain to be seen.

That is why we suggest you reserve your book today and get over 125 years of experience for only $395.