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“In the past two decades Mr. Nuzzolo has made alliances with the primary authorities in the art world and is himself, considered to be an expert on the Dalí market.”

Marshall Rousseau, Director Emeritus The Salvador Dalí Museum, St Petersburg Florida current Director, The Ringling Museum, Sarasota, Florida.

“Mr. Nuzzolo’s integrity is beyond reproach…”

Albert Field, Founder of The Salvador Dalí Archives

“With your help and expertise we accomplished to solidify prosecution of a criminal and return property to its rightful owner.”

Detective Mason Mineni – Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department

“After nearly 50 years in the art business the only Dali Dealer I recommend is Joe Nuzzolo of The Salvador Dali Society.”

Edward Okil, National Institute of Appraisers

“The problem with collecting the works of Salvador Dali is to find an honest and knowledgeable dealer. There is nothing more valuable to a collector, especially a new collector, than to have access to the same information that is available to sophisticated dealers. Joe Nuzzzolo is that sort of dealer. As the publisher of Dali’s work I have known Nuzzolo professionally for two decades and can put my full trust in him and in his deep experience in the field.”

Reese Palley, reknowned Dali publisher

“I have been involved with the works of Salvador Dali since 1966, having known the artist through my parents, his first North American Publishers, , Sidney Z. and Phyllis N. Lucas. As a certified member of the Appraiser’s Association of American which designates me as a specialist in Salvador Dali and having worked with the artist for several years, I find that there are only a few people whose opinions I implicitly trust regarding the authenticity of the paintings, works on paper, sculptures and graphics by Dali. I can assert unequivocally that Joseph Nuzzolo, President of The Salvador Dali Society, is the only Dali dealer I judge to be in this elite group.”

Peter B. Lucas, A.A.A.*, Certified Member, Appraisers Assoication of America

“I have worked with Joe Nuzzolo for nearly fifteen years now. I have never once felt that he was trying to sell me anything. I have always felt that he was giving me the best possible advice and he has always taken the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly and completely. I have never been disappointed, even in the slightest respect, with any purchase that I’ve made from Joe. I have lost count, but I suspect that over the years I have purchased in the neighborhood of twenty pieces of art from Joe.”

W.R., Worthinton, Ohio

“Joe….. I want you to know how outstanding the Salvador Dali 4 lithographic print mosaic entitled the “The Rejuvenation of Time” is when framed and hung in the cathedral ceiling entry to my home. This large and colorful piece receives significant attention when friends come to call. This maquette for a stain glass window at Dali’s Figueres Museum has a variety of his symbolism included within the composition. The framing required is so important to the presentation and your clients should seek an image of your own well-done presentation. Thanks for your wonderful recommendation that this piece would be a key addition to my collection.”

C. Lunden College Professor

“Over the past several years, I have purchased a total of seven pieces from you and have never regretted making any of them for a moment. The buying experience was enjoyable. Your staff is always cooperative and friendly. Promises made were promises kept. And the framing was impeccable. I look forward to making further acquisitions in the future and would never consider using anyone else than you and The Salvador Dali Society.”

G.G. Westport, CT

“Greetings Joe, Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the litho, the frame, and all the fantastic service I received from you and your Company.”

Kathy Boand, 2009

“A person contacted us who wished to buy a Dali work off of a website. Even though she was not purchasing from us, we gave her our research to assist her with the transaction….

Dear Joe, i am awaiting the delivery of the dali and vasarely and cannot thank you enough for your time and patience. the investment wasn’t great but my doubts were. your knowledge and recommendations gave me the confidence to trust my gut and eye and proceed with the transaction. i am a believer in following “signs” and that even seemingly random happenings have a pattern: the dali print year (my birth year), its’ subject matter the ease in which i reached you (the foremost dali expert), our common backgrounds, and the fact that we are two creative Italians who appreciate beautiful things! in fact, even peter lucas’ name was on my list of people to reference before you blessed him as a contact. unbelievably, i spoke with him on the first try and he said that there were no recorded fakes of this subject. …he assured me that you are the authority…. thank you for the catalogue and tape. your words are the testament of a true aficionado! i appreciated the retrospective and learned much about dali. …. please let me know if you are in the area. grazie,”

Giancarla , 2011

“It is beautiful and came into my life at a turning point! Something about it gives me strength and hope 🙂 God bless Dali. Do inform me of any others which come along Many thanks Joe

Best wishes Mona”

“You are the best and the only one I trust”

T.C. New York 2011


CLICK HERE to see more reviews from some of our clients on Trustlink.com!


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